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A Lazy Girls Guide to… Roast Chicken (to impress your boyfriends parents)

5. August 2017

My friend called me the other day and asked for inspiration on what to cook for a meeting the parents kinda situation. She had asked them to come to her place for dinner and freaked out straight after proposing the idea to her boyfriend.

Since I had Marks parents around at my place a few weeks ago, I shared my roast chicken recipe with her. His parents loved it and since there was not much actual cooking involved, I had enough time to sit and chat with them as it was happily cooking away on its own.

You really only need one chicken (I only buy the good stuff – don’t save on meat, if you can somehow afford it.),

3 sticks of celery, 3 carrots, 1 glove of garlic, 2 onions

1 lemon

Fresh herbs  (sage, rosmary and thyme)

The obvious – salt, pepper and olive oil

Now… all you really need to do is pre – heat the oven to 240 degrees, then, punch holes into the lemon, then stuff the fresh herbs into the chicken as well as the lemon.

Next, cut all of the veg very roughly and put into a baking tray, then sit the chicken right in the middle.


Drizzle the chicken with the olive oil and salt and pepper. Rubbing the salt into the chickens skin actually makes the skin super tasty and crisp. Yummy!

Into the oven, which you should turn down to 200 degrees now.

Let it sit in there for 1,5 hours and serve with a nice seasonal salad.


So so good!!




Kitty xx



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