A walk by the beach – Barcelona

25. Juli 2017

Barcelona has made its way up in my favourite cities ranking of all times. Its such an amazing city (a word I love using on this blog, so I have noticed) and I could have stayed so much longer than just a week.

We stayed at the Olympic Port Area, which is super close to the water front (I ll be posting about our wonderful hostel in the next few days), which was brilliant for having breakfast by the sea of course.

First of all, we never got up early, so breakfast for us was usually around 12AM, and by the time we would sit down anywhere, I d already be hangry (loving this new word). I am still a massive foodie though, so if I do spend my money on eating out, I want it to be nice. For breakfast, we stopped at Marina Bay by Moncho’s, which was absolutely lovely. We got our food just before a tourist bus arrived, so I was happy of course, munching my eggs and enjoying the view.



After that, we walked along the beach, cameras in hand, amazed by just about everything. After an hour of lying in the sand, watching the waves come in, I could not take another minute of the heat and we decided to check out a bar that was right behind us on the promenade. This particular bar was called Pantea, but there are so many lovely places right by the beach, that serve drinks and a little bit of food, so you cant really go wrong with any of them.


The beach front in Barcelona is full with lots of different places to eat and really, if you want to eat a good paella, you really can walk into just about any of the restaurants. The fish seems to be jumping straight out of the water and onto your plate, so its all fresh and wonderful.

You can also fill your day with tons of activities like water sports, volley ball and swimming. Just plan your toilet trips wisely… I had to wait for 20 min once and the queue was all the way out to the pavement. Yes, that was my tip of the day from me to you. Haha.



Kitty xx


Pictures by Mark Johnson and myself.

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