Barcelona – La Sagrada Famiglia

21. Juli 2017

La Sagrada Famiglia is stunning and I have never before experienced anything quite like it. The building works for the beautiful cathedral started 1882 under the lead of the architect Francisco Paula de Villar. When he resigned, the famous Antoni Gaudi took over the construction and dedicated his life to this never ending project.

Still, there are several parts of it unfinished and in my opinion, it only adds to the impressive charm of this famous building.

We stood in awe before the incredibly detailed façade, wishing we had come earlier, to just sit and look at everything for hours. Walking in and being greeted by what seemed thousands of lights shining through the beautifully crafted windows made me absolutely speechless.

We had booked the guided tour to the towers, (well, one of the towers) and I can only recommend it. The view is amazing and even if you are not suffering from vertigo like me – you will get a little worried, when walking out onto the bridge. Do it though… you will get the most beautiful view of Barcelona. Make sure you pre book your tickets (here), the tours get booked very easily and you will have to wait in a queue for a very long time, if you are unlucky.

Coming back down, we wandered around, audio guide in our ears, taking in as much as we could of this gorgeous place.

Gaudi never stopped working on the cathedral until he died, that’s how much he had dedicated himself to this beautiful place of worship. Take the time to soak up the atmosphere. I actually felt so at peace, walking around, surrounded by people.

Have a wonderful weekend my lovelies!




Kitty xx


Pictures by myself and Mark Johnson.

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