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Bed and Beach @ Barcelona

2. August 2017

After a week of Barcelona special, this is my last instalment and I am feeling a little sad, to let this holiday go. After lots of lovely responses from my readers (that would be you), I hope that I have made you want to go and see Barcelona for yourself.

If you do – there is this cute little hostel, that I think you would love to stay at… let me introduce you to the Bed and Beach in Barcelona.

According to their website, the hostel was opened in 2010 and has been going strong ever since. Its around five minutes to walk to the beach and two minutes to the bus stop, that will take you into town.

They have several floors with all in all eight rooms, some of them have a private kitchen, some of them have shared kitchen and shower. We went for the twin room, that was on the second floor. Shoes are not allowed in the hostel, so you have to take them off and they provide you with slippers instead. What a great idea, I thought! There is a shared kitchen, with a stove and a fridge. We kept meeting other guests that were staying overnight and chatted to them, which to me is the joy of travelling – you connect with other people. This is also something I love about this kind of accommodation.

Also, there is a roof top terrace, that enables you to see a whole lot of Barcelona, as you are drinking your coffee in the morning. Mark and I actually got out of bed super early one day, just to see the sun come up.

Our plane was delayed, so the owner waited for us until we arrived and took the time to explain the area, public transport and a whole bunch of things to us. We immediately felt welcome and at home.

If you stay for less then a week, they will not clean your room, this you should know. Mark and I did not mind, since we are very chilled about that. I mean, it is a hostel after all and I did not expect anyone to clean up after us, considering the price of the room. When we did ask for fresh towels, we were given some straight away and also, any of our questions were answered by the lovely staff, who were altogether very helpful and sweet.

The reception is only open in the morning until lunch time, but if you need any assistance, you can call them and they will come and help.

What can I say… thank you Bed and Beach for being absolutely wonderful. You really made our holiday amazing!




Kitty & Mark xxx



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