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Friday Talk – Affirmations

1. Dezember 2017

Have you ever gotten out of bed in the morning and just felt like everything you touch turns to sh**? It starts off with stubbing your toe, the cat pooping on the floor (yes Suzie, talking about you) and you stepping into it, maybe even missing the bus to work? It happens to the best of us and our natural reaction is usually something like „why is this happening to me?“.

Well, you ll be throwing old veg after me probably, but trust me when I tell you, that you are in full control of your day and what happens in it. Not true? Well, I am telling you that it is!

Imagine, getting up and stubbing that toe as an example of anything – anything that puts you into a bad mood basically. Now, as soon as you are being a negative, grumpy person, you drag lots of negative things into your life – or you don’t even see the nice stuff happening!

Affirmations can help you re program your brain, so that even if you do stubb that toe – you will still hurt, but pick yourself up and smile anyway.

Now, what are typical affirmations? How and what do I do with them?

Let me start with the affirmations I use in the mornings, that get my spirits lightened up!

  1. I am really good at my job! This is an important one for me. I am one of these people who seriously loves their job. To me, if my boss tells me that I have done a good job, is extremely important. So I want my mind focused on me feeling the joy of making a difference in my work place.
  2. I am beautiful! Lets face it – we all struggle with our looks sometimes. Lets also face the fact that you cant please everyone, but you should at least believe, that all of us are beautiful and that we would do well to see our own beauty. Wanna know why? Because its not your looks, gorgeous – its the happiness you send out, that makes people fall in love with you. Sounds super cheesy, but its true.
  3. I am good enough! Well, you are! You are good enough and better! You deserve love and wealth! Simple. (You can use this as affirmations too!)
  4. I am creating everything in my life! You are the architect. Everything you do is what you are drawing into your life – so be sure to choose your thoughts wisely!
  5. I get out of bed today with my heart strong and a productive and clear mind! This is a no brainer. Life is too short for drama and wasting time. Make sure you are the best version of yourself, always.


Where do you use them, you ll ask now… well, I like to say them out loud in the shower, because that is after my yoga session and doing some sport to wake my lazy self up, which means I am already in a mood to rip out large tree trunks! 🙂 Make sure to add all the things you are grateful for, this also gets your spirits up and running on good energies.

Gratitude is a powerful tool to the law of attraction and should never be underestimated. Affirmations the same as gratitude get your heart jumping for joy, as you realize how happy and lucky you truly are and how amazing life is, despite stubbing your toe.

To remind yourself of your personal affirmations daily, write them down, maybe in a vision book, or on a board in your bedroom. This helps to remind you of what you truly want.

More on that soon though.



Kitty xx

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