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Friday Talk – How to manifest and be happy – Writing letters to the Universe

17. November 2017

When you have the art of manifesting down, its a really liberating feeling – knowing that you have the power to create your life as you wish and have everything that you want.


Yes, you heard me… manifesting actually works and even if you are not spiritual and you just landed here by accident… you should totally try it anyway. 🙂

Whether you feel like you are stuck in the wrong job, or desperately want someone to love you in your life, you can not achieve your goals or manifest your wishes into reality if you don’t really know what you want. Makes total sense, right?

All our lives, our needs and wants emotionally and physically are being dictated by our surroundings and slowly but gradually the media and society in general.


A lot of the choices we make, whether they make us happy or not, are driven by our surroundings. Sitting down and defining what it is, that we really want is much harder than you think. Confronting yourself with what you want, also shows who you really are, or what you are growing into.


However, doing such an exercise is super rewarding, as you can learn so much more about yourself.

I would suggest going about this the easiest way possible, is really just writing it all down.

For example, writing a letter to the universe to draw a person into your life, that you would like to be with and even marry, makes you focus on the things you, as a person, needs to be happy in a relationship.


You could start with: „Dear Universe (or perhaps address it to yourself), I am wishing for a person with the following attributes to come into my life…“

Be very specific and don’t add what you don’t want. Focus only on the good things. This will help create a good vibe and will also help create a feeling of love and gratitude for the great things rather than feeling upset and depressed about things you don’t want, based on previous relationship experience.

Try and be thankful, and also trusting. After writing the letter, put it into your wallet and leave it there. Whenever you think of relationships (or the lack thereof) – think of it with love and joy. Let the worry go and have fun.

This works in all areas of your life. Wether you want to go travelling, have your own business or maybe settle down with your job – anything is possible if you put your mind to it.

So if you dont really want to be writing letters to the universe – at least make a concious desicion, instead of complaining all the time.

Everything will work itself out to your advantage and until then, try to not let negative thoughts enter your mind. You have to send out happy vibes, so you can draw even more happy vibes into your life.

More on how to draw happy vibes into your life in my next post. But I can tell you now… strawberry marshmallows definitly help!

Until then, I am sending you love and kisses.


Kitty xx







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