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Halfway Inspiration Vol. 1

9. August 2017

The way home from work is super tedious at the moment and it takes me around 1,5 h door to door. What I then usually do is either go through my emails and my twitter feed, to keep me entertained.

This morning, I found an email from a nice guy called David in my inbox. He is the founder of an organisation called Click2Help. About a week ago, him and his friends started talking to Mark and I in Hofgarten about his project and how Daniel is trying to establish a way of helping people with just one click.

I love the concept of young people doing something rather than just talking about what is wrong with our world. Please go and check him out.

He is currently still building it, but I think this project should be shared and supported. Good luck, David!

On another note, the weekend is fast approaching and I am so looking forward to a nice lie in! There are a few good exhibitions that are running out in either August or September, so you should rush and go see them soon!

Peter Lindberg  in Kunsthalle is finishing on the 31st August, and as I said in my post here, its so so worth watching.

The Magic City exhibition in Olympia Park is supposed to be phenomenal, so go see it soon. It runs out on the 3rd September!

Then of course, Letters to Andy Warhol. Everyone is raving about it and I cant wait to go!!


Right, that’s if for today!




Kitty xxx

Pic by Mark Johnson.

Video by David.

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