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Hamburgerei – a love letter

21. März 2014

Dear Hamburgerei,

I know, I posted about you before, but this just needs to be said again. Properly and with really nice pictures. In my opinion, you are the nicest Burger place in Munich.

Not only, because your interiour is nice and colourful, with all those lovely chairs and chalkboards that cover your walls. Also, because the staff is nice and not pretentious at all. They are actually happy to have me there and they serve me with a friendly smile and they are funny. I dont need to wait to be served, because they are happy to take care of my order straight away.

Now lets talk about your food. The quality of your beef ist high and is not straight out of the deep freeze. No, its prepared fresh every day, as are your sauces. Its like you made them just for me and no one else.

Your vegan burgers (of which you have two, you beauty!) are amazing. I am not sure which one is better, the Indian or the Persian. They are both just delicious. It makes me want to eat them both at the same time or come back the next day again.

Its so difficult to find a Burger restaurant, that caters vegan foods without question. I adore you for that, I really do.

Thank you, Hamburgerei! Thank you for creating a nice place for me to go, if I want to really pig out with the Chef. Vegan or non vegan, we are both happy and full up, when we step back out onto the street.

Thats it. It just had to be said.


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