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8. Mai 2017

A few years ago, I sat in a curry wurst place, after a street food festival in Munich with friends, when this girl walked in. I did not pay too much attention at the time, but I always remembered her cat eyes. It was as if she was trying to find out all of your secrets. 🙂  One of my friends knew this girl and chattet to her, but I only said hello and that was that. We did not see each other again until about three years later, when she randomly added me on facebook.

We started talking one evening last year and quickly realised how similar we are. So when I was planning on starting a new feature on Isarletters, it was only logical to begin with Sara.

You ll hardly meet a person, this talented, who is so unpretentious and it is a real pleasure to hang out with her and discuss art in all of its forms.

Sara is a photographer, social media manager and art lover. Coming to Munich, to train as a chef, she had to hold her own in a very male dominated line of work. After years of working as a chef, she eventually carved herself a niche as the social media manager of a well known hotel chain and eventually ended up working for a media company in Munich.

Having been born in Brandenburg, Sara is a „Zuagroaste“ (what we call it in Bavaria and which means something like „relocater“) and not a born and bred Bavarian lady. She does however feel very much at home here and I have asked her a few questions, to see what her vibe is. There will be a video on my you tube chanel with the whole interview, so here is a snippet of what we talked about. Enjoy!

I would like for all of you, to imagine a brass band, playing traditional Bavarian Music in the background, because this is exactly what happened! 🙂

Isarprinzessin: So, Sara, tell me what you love about Munich.

Sara: Coming from a village in eastern Gemany, I love the brass bands here (laughs). I love the Bavarian „GemĂĽtlichkeit“ and beergardens of course.

Also, I love the possibility to go from city to nature in a very short space of time. I was born in Brandenburg, where we dont have any mountains, so the proximity to the mountains here is still amazing to me. Plus, I am completly in love with the mountains.

Isarprinzessin: Can you explain to my readers, what Bavarian „GemĂĽtlichkeit“ means to you?

Sara: Well, not being born here, its a little bit difficult to explain the notion of this word. For a „foreigner“ the GemĂĽtlichkeit is difficult to understand at first. Its what makes the Bavarians in my eyes. Old men, that spend Sundays in the sunshine, sitting on a bench in the beergarden, wearing traditional clothes and leave you with the occasional grumpy comment on the weather or politics. Really, all you need to do is sit down next to them and start talking – you ll get to hear the best stories.

Sara points up to a man, leaning out of a window, watching the street and of course proving our point.

I have spoken about Supperlot a lot (no pun intended haha) on this blog and to be able to show you the woman behind the lense is so, so exciting. Sara is definitly one of my favourite photographers to work with. Plus – sharing my photography passion, she wont complain when I get my camera out, ever!

Stay tuned for the video and I hope you have enjoyed hanging out with Sara as much as I did.

pic by Sara Joppe


pic by Sara Joppe


Kitty xx

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  • Reply Sara 8. Mai 2017 at 14:18

    Thanks a lot Dearest! It made a whole lot of fun to spend the Saturday with you!

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