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Sunday in Bed

6. August 2017

Morning to all of you!!

I just woke up in my grandmothers house and I am about to head downstairs for some nice breakfast and a little walk. Before I go, I would like to share some reading materials with you though.

If you are blogging, like me and trying to find a way to increase coverage, this collection of tips and articles by Taylor Loren are really helpful and interesting.

On Tuesday, on my way to work, I fell over this amazing article on feminism. Since I had an interesting discussion about feminism vs. gender equality with my friend the other day, I think this goes very well with the whole issue. Are you a feminist? Are you all about equality? Have you ever asked yourself this question? I would love some comments on this.


For those of you, who follow me on Instagram, you have probably seen, that last Sunday did not go as planed at all. Mark had to go into surgery pretty quick and even though, it was nothing major, it still freaked me out mildly. Certainly, neither of us had been expecting that we would spend a whole day in hospital, with one of us going under anaesthetic and having an operation!

On that note, thank you so much, Klinikum Schwabing for being super nice and helpful and reacting so quick. So friendly, helpful and sweet, we both felt very well looked after and I can recommend this place to anyone.



A little tip on what to do on the weekends to come:

If you find time in the next few weeks, you might want to check out the „Letters to Andy Warhol“ at the Deutsches Museum / Cadillac House. Its on until the 27th August and everyone is raving about it.

On the 9th August, head over to Kulturstrand after work, for some Indie Music on Vinyl from 7PM.

The Wannda Circus is closing on the 19th August with an Open Air Party, which I am really going to try and go see, since I missed it the last few times.

Last but not least, No Booty No Part are doing a what they do best on the 12th August at kiddo in Glockenbach. We went to the Muffathallenevent a few weeks back and loved it.


Right, my nans food is calling. I am sure you understand!



Kitty xx


Pictures by Mark Johnson and myself.


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