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Sunday in Bed

13. August 2017

What happened to Summer? It feels like autumn and staying in bed, cuddling up to the boyfriend seems like the best idea at the moment.

So now, when I get home from work, this is what we do, all three of us. Susi has become somewhat attached to Mark and follows him everywhere.


Yesterday, we had dinner with friends round my place and I ll be sharing how to make antipasti – the lazy girl way of course – in the next few days.

I have also got a little bit of morning reading material for you guys, that I would like to share, so lets go straight to the cool stuff:

Joy the baker has done it again, she makes my mouth water with every post that she does. Here a recipe for Gumbo Poutine.

Maybe you fancy trying this Mouse au Chocolate of mine, for dessert?

Chapter Friday is feeding my Office Outfit inspiration nicely here.

An article about natural beauty on Cupcakes and Cashmere.


Also, next week is a short one for me, since its bank holiday on Tuesday. Yeeeah! I am thinking of movie day with popcorn and friends at my place… probably finally watching the Amy Winehouse Documentary with the Chaoscrew.


Enjoy your Sunday!



Kitty xx

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