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7. Mai 2017

I know its been quiet the last few days, but there is a reason! I am currently suffering from tendonitis, which means, I shouldnt really be typing at all. So, all the blog posts are curtesy of my bestie Jill, who has been kind enough to type all of this up! Thanks, gorgeous!!

First of all, I have discovered my new favourite drink for during the day – ginger water. Yes, it always takes a little while to arrive in this household. Dont judge. 🙂 Just cut up some ginger and cook for 20 min. Drink hot or cold. I loooove it.


I went to a super cool gig on Tuesday. Retrogott and Hulk Hoden, a hip hop formation from Cologne, at the Feierwerk. Check out the location for some more underground kinda music. The location is really good, we were directly in front of the stage and the athmosphere is very relaxed. I kinda miss that in Munich sometimes, so this was awesome. Also, Hulk Hoden was getting the crowd into the mood with a DJ set, that is the best I have heard since leaving Cape Town.

Its this ones birthday today. Susi will be turning lucky 13 today and she is and will always be the queen of this place. Rock on, Susi Cat.

I would like to invite you, to check out my friend Noah, who is an amazing artist (you can find him here) and just trying to get his work out into the world. I love his paintings. I will keep you posted on the exhibition!

Mark is coming over in 52 days, and I am sure, my laptop is looking forward to a break! 🙂 We are on skype, facetime, facebook – you name it – every free moment we can get. My Toshiba is running out of steam soon.


Ordered this bell from Electra. How cute is that?

This article on what to do in New Orleans is amazing. Its on my list of places to go next.

Also, this article on Tel Aviv with the gorgeous bloggers from the daily dose.

Enjoy your Sunday, my loves!



Kitty xx

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  • Reply HPD 7. Mai 2017 at 9:47

    We should definitely head to Tel Aviv together,its been way too long ago!!!

    • Reply Isarprinzessin 7. Mai 2017 at 10:28

      I would so love to go! xx

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