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Sunday in bed – Crystal cleansing

10. Dezember 2017

Since last night, my family and I went to the Tollwood festival in Munich (such a new age heaven 🙂 ), I got a chance to stock up on my crystal collection.

Today, I would like to explain, how I cleanse them, and also, how I recharche them and of course – what I use them for!

Dont be surprised, this is a little bit of a different Sunday in bed post, but this was actually my first thought this morning, and I felt, I should share this with all of you, since crystals have such a wonderful symbolic behind them.

I work a lot with rose quart, which I associate with love and healing, as well as the archangel Chamuel, who is the angel of love and pink light. Not only does he help with your day to day problems that concern a partner, this wonderful angel helps with all sorts of relationship problems that you might have with people in your life.

So, since this is a subject, we can all relate to, let me use the rose quart as an example today.

1. I like to place a bowl of water (from the tab is absolutely fine, there is no need to find a spring, if you dont have one handy 🙂 ) on my altar and add sea salt to the water. You can ask for it to be blessd now, but I like to do that, when I am fully done preparing.

2. Add the crystal into the water and make sure it is fully covered. Careful! Not all stones can be placed in water for a long amount of time, since they discolour or even loose their meaning all together. Best to inform yourself before.

For rose quart, I do like to place it into water for 24 hours.

3. Smudging is also an option! Sandalwood can be bought in sticks, so to emerge the stones in the smoke for a few seconds also cleanses them.

4. This is important! When you are cleansing, make sure you are doing this with the intent of cleansing bad energy of the stones. Ask the devine energy to help you cleanse the crystals and never forget to say thank you!!!!

5. Sit back and relax. Work done for today. 🙂

You can also check out my instagram story for a step to step guide!


Enjoy the 2nd of Advent, you gorgeous people!



Kitty xx


P.S.: Make sure to always be careful with smudging! Always check if the stick is out.

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