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Sunday in Bed – Easter Edition

16. April 2017

Good morning and Happy Easter!

Today, I am writing to you from Lower Bavaria, and I can already hear my mum in the kitchen, making waffles and coffee. Since I should really get my lazy behind out of bed and help out in the kitchen, I ll make this a quick one for you.

First of all, lets start with this fabulous Easter treat by Joy the Baker. This sounds so amazing, I cant stop thinking about it. Also, check out this article on Easter brunch recipes from the Shutterbean blog.


Here is a very good article and „food for thought“ on the (often unhealthy) obsession we have with food, as we are on the food topic anyway.

Which brings me to this fantastic woman, Candice Huffine and a Huffington Post article on her body awareness here.



Leaving the food issue, but staying with Candice Huffine, check out her husbands you tube videos here. They are just the cutest!



There has to be one picture like this… I really cant do serious very often. 😀


I am loving my new All Stars. I have been wearing them all week with my new Zara jeans. Love the fact, they make jeans now, that fit all of by bum comfortably. Totally makes me forgive them for the skinny girl curve advert incident. We are getting there, ladies! Not all of us are a size 0 – or want to be in fact! Am I right?

Also, Mark and I have finally decided and booked the summer get away and we are flying to Barcelona! I am super excited and I am currently on the look out for restaurants and things to do. If you have any tips, let me know!! For now, I am reading A Pair and a Spare’s blog post on Travel Journaling.




Kitty xx


Photo Credit: Silvia Kallenbach

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