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Sunday in Bed – Travel Countdown and some airplane reading material

3. Dezember 2017

My friend Jill loves to fly and she especially loves to hang out at airports. I never really shared that passion, but I am consciously trying to change this by taking her wonderful travel tips to heart.

Whenever I embark on long haul flights, she gets super excited and gives me tips on where to eat, shop and what to generally do at layover airports.

This time, its Dubai Airport and since both, Jill and I are in love with all things food, it is the perfect place for tasting heaven on our tongues. This year I ll be trying out Le Pain Quotidien for my breakfast, since she already told me to eat there in February. Its 13 days today, until I am getting on that plane and I am now trying to find some nice extra reading material for the 19 hours of travel.

  1. Nice girls don’t get rich – This book says it all and since my finances are atrocious most of the time, I thought I should start on that one.
  2. I need at least one book, that makes me feel warm and fuzzy for the first leg of my trip, since it is a night flight. Twelve Days of Christmas sounds like its going to be just perfect for that time before sleeping through the six hours to warm and wonderful Dubai.
  3. I am still on The Handmaids Tale currently, so there should be absolutely no time to be bored.


Off for my morning run now in beautiful Lower Bavaria.




Kitty xx






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