Sunday in Bed – Travel Countdown – Relaxing On Planes

26. November 2017

Today, I would like to share with you what I like to listen to, watch or read on long haul flights. Lets get started!

  1. Hal Elrod’s Miracle Moring really got me into meditating and calming my nerves with breathing consciously as well as yoga. Its a wonderful book and I posted a blog post for you Friday, that actually explains the concept a lot more.
  2. Yoga… I absolutely love Dashama and her yoga exercises, that you can do on planes.

    Also loving this one by „Yoga by Adrienne“

  3. This Podcast looks super interesting – it is supposed to help you sleep! Link to Podcast website here.
  4. Movies, movies, movies! I also like to watch a little bit on my kindle, this time I am opting for Gossip Girl – don’t judge! 🙂

Apart from that – I like to bring my own snacks and generally do only good things for myself like getting a gingerbread latte and some nice, light food before I get on the plane.

Enjoy your Sunday!



Kitty xx

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