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Table Mountain

6. April 2017

An absolute must, when going to Cape Town, is Table Mountain. You cant get past visiting. I mean, you literally cant.

The mountain is so impressive, you cant miss it for one second.

When I flew into Cape Town, texting with Mark (On that note… thank you Emirates for providing Wifi… took my mind of the fact I don’t really like flying.) I had no idea, what an incredible view I was missing!

To my defence, I was very nervous and my head was quite literally in amongst the clouds! Thankfully, the English couple behind me started talking about the view, very loudly and how amazing the mountain looked today which made me look up immediately.

What can I say… I was blown away. The mountain is impressive…  – it just there, hanging out, being spectacular. Kind of like this guy you are into and he is just cool without doing anything. THAT is Table Mountain. I texted Mark straight away, my eyes welling up. In all of my life I have never seen anything so different and amazing as this.


Obviously, being this impressed, you would think that I could not wait to get up there and enjoy the view. Well, I am terribly afraid of two things – heights and confined spaces. Now, you can of course hike up the mountain, but being terribly unfit right now, it meant getting into the cable car, which terrified me.

Right at the end of my trip, I finally decided, that it was time to go and see Cape Town, as you should see it – from Table Mountains top.

Into the cable car we went… (link to ticket prices and opening times here) and up to the top of the mountain. It took around ten minutes and was not actually as terrifying as I thought. When you arrive at the top, you ll see that it is all worth it.



The view is just wonderful! We walked around, looking at Cape Town from every angle and watched the clouds part for us, even though it was supposed to be cloudy for the rest of the day.





Don’t miss out on this experience. You can bring drinks and food up there and it is worth staying for a while, so you really get to take the view in completely. Just don’t forget to take the last cable car down! Otherwise you ll have to share the mountain with Jan van Hunks, and the devil, who – according to a legend – smoke it out with their pipes on Devils Peak every now and then. 🙂

I definitely did not fancy a meeting by chance, so we went back down after a few hours and I found myself enjoying the view and not being scared anymore! Thanks to Mark, everyone in the cable car found out about my recent success of overcoming my fears, since he made a little announcement and everyone clapped and congratulated me for being so brave. 🙂




Kitty xx


To everyones amusement… The look on my face says it all. haha


Photo credit: Mark R. L. Johnson (Instagram link here.)

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