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Tibidabo Barcelona

31. Juli 2017

Ever since I ve been to Table Mountain, I got so brave when it comes to cable cars and funiculars. Even though, up until Tibidabo, I had no idea what the difference between the two things was. Lucky for me, I have such a wonderful and patient boyfriend, who never mocks me and instead explains the world to me. Haha If you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw this little video already.

Tibidabo towers over Barcelona with 1,680 feet and the view you have from the platform is just breath taking. When we got to the Hostel on our first night, we could make out the top of the mountain from our rooftop terrace and decided to find our way to the top at some stage of our holidays.

The journey to get there is already very exciting, because you get a chance to use a whole lot of transport on one day. I love pretending that I am actually a local, so using the tube, busses AND the tram was very cool. Its called Tramvia Blau and its the best way to go up to the funicular. (Its also super romantic and cute. ūüôā )

Going up, you jump on the funicular (not a cable car haha). After about five minutes, you arrive at an amusement park, with  some ice cream stands, and a little restaurant. But really, the first thing you see, when you depart the carriage is of course the beautiful Sagrat Cor church (link to a Lonely Planet Article here.) . Very impressive on the inside as well as on the outside.

We walked around, had some ice cream and just generally took in the view from the top of this little gem. Having been part of the bustle in the city centre, it felt like escaping and finding peace at this wonderful place.

And of course, there was some frozen yoghurt involved… and some food… and… some gin tonic afterwards.

(When you come down in the funicular, there is a bar right by the tram tracks, which also gives you a lovely view down.)

Tomorrow will be the last post about my trip to Barcelona. I ll be talking about this nice little hostel we stayed in and my favourite Tapas Bar around the corner from there.

Until then…


Kitty xx


Pics by Mark Johnson.


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