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White Rabbit’s Room

18. November 2014

My mum first read Alice in Wonderland to me, when I was about five years old. Then, we watched the Disney movie and a few years ago, I watched the film with Jonny Depp. Alice, to me always seemed to be a pretty cool girl. One of those, that are completely open to all sorts of weirdness, that life throws your way. I know that feeling and that is probably why I liked the story so much.

When my friend asked me to join her for breakfast last Sunday to a place called White Rabbits Room, I was of course intrigued.

The Cafe is close to Rosenheimer Platz (S Bahn Stammstrecke) and is well worth a visit, especially on autumn or winters days. It is so cosy, with its tables in niches and fake fur rags on the floor. As you walk in, there is a little shop with all things, us ladies like. Plates, decorations, beautiful cups and post cards, which you can pay for as you are ordering your coffee.

You order the food on a pice of paper, which we did not quite understand at first (its really not that difficult. 🙂 ), but were quickly assisted by the nice waitress.

The food is delicious! I had the waffles and the goats cheese bagel. My friend ordered the bircher muesli and the largest coffee I have seen in a while.

Do make sure you reserve a table, as it is full up pretty quick. All in all, it is a wonderful place to go for breakfast! Ten out of ten stars for the White Rabits room.

The interiour is so pretty! I need these pompoms in my life!

Letzten Sonntag war ich zum Frühstücken im White Rabit’s room verabredet. Das kleine, wunderbar ausgestattete Cafe ist ganz in der Nähe von der Sbahn Station Rosenheimer Platz.

Man betritt den Raum und wird von der wunderschön bunten Dekoration (die durchaus inspiriert den dazugehörigen Shop komplett aufzukaufen) und der weißen Einrichtung begrüßt.

Unser Tisch war direkt in der Ecke vor dem Fenster – perfekt für einen Plausch unter Freundinnen.
Das Frühstück wird über eine Liste auf dem Tisch durch ankreutzen bestellt. Die Auswahl kann sich auch wirklich sehen lassen. Waffeln, Bircher Müsli und Kaffee in großen Bechern – unglaublich gut.

Der Service ist auch super lieb und sehr hilfsbereit! 10 Sterne für den White Rabit’s Room.


Kitty xx

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